As time progresses the Word of God promises man will wax worse and worse, “ and the perilous times will come.”  We are now in such a day and dealing with such men.  A double curse is that such wicked men are our countrymen and elected leaders.  President Obama has sought to put a yoke upon us that is beyond burdensome. “Obamacare” wrangles souls and, more to the point, churches into a corral of unrighteousness and a bond without liberty.  As Americans we can and must rally against this agenda that, once passed will undermine religious liberty.  As Christians, we must seek a way out and pray for deliverance from the Golden Image always.  As Baptists, “suffering for well doing is acceptable with God.”  and our principle has always  been to, with great magnanimity of Spirit and respect for all authority, dissent nonetheless.  Might we as Independent, Fundamental, Baptists discuss together the ramifications of Obamacare, and seek options?  This is the great hope of this invitation….to join minds to confront this dilemma.

Such a meeting is meant to accomplish several goals:

  1. To understand Obamacare and its ramifications for churches.
  2. To explore options of response.
  3. To hopefully find a course of action we might stand together in.
  4. To provide direction for others in this regard.

Such a meeting is not meant to:

  1. Create a false unity.
  2. Overthrow authority.
  3. Usurp independence from Pastors, Churches or Ministries.

We will host a meeting specifically tailored to meet these goals and will provide discussion starters in order to help you and your ministry as well as IFB brethren.

Please consider attending and/or representation at this important and historic meeting here at Immanuel Baptist Church, hosted by the Bible Nation Society on Tuesday, June 4, 2013….A Day of Religious Liberty.

Let us stand on the mountain together or will certainly end up in a foxhole together.

Yours Always for His Service,

Dr. Douglas F. Levesque
Pastor, Immanuel Baptist Church
President, The Bible Nation Society