By Douglas F. Levesque, Founder of The Levesque Institute

The Bible expressly states that the timing of “signs of the times” occurrences will ebb and flow like a woman in labor. (Isaiah 13:6-13)  The birth pangs grow closer together and increase in intensity until, all at once, the delivery begins.  In those moments, life is in the balance.  The pain is excruciating.  The anticipation is heightened.  The focus is without parallel.

All at once . . .it is time for the extreme atmosphere of both violence and joy, life and death.  The world has just had a pretty sharp birth pang.  Last Friday, an explosion of signs lit up around the globe and almost simultaneously. Here are just a few observances:

1.  President Obama and The Pope met to discuss Middle East Peace. (I Thess. 5:3)

2.  The G8 meeting in Italy concluded with Russian President Medvedev holding up a newly minted silver dollar, and introducing it as “the new global currency.” (Rev. 13:16-17)

3.  Former Vice President Al Gore pushed his global warming agenda by endorsing the Senate “cap and trade” bill that would tax humans for existence.  He said such taxation was necessary for “global governance”. (Dan. 3:1-7)

4.  Obama’s science czar, John Holdren, was outed as an Orwellian population control advocate when his 1977 government endorsed textbook “Ecoscience” was exposed as containing Nazi like “final solution” eugenic theory.  He stated that government powers would need to back forced abortions and sterilization in order to ensure population reduction. (Esther 3:8-15)

5.  European Union superman Javier Solana introduced the concept of a unilaterally mandated “Palestine” basically superseding Israel’s sovereignty and declaring the so called “two state solution” de facto law.  Such a global declaration would be backed by force if necessary. (I John 2:18)

Any one of these happenings would be worthy of headliners in the news, but because they happened simultaneously, and around the world, each item got only sound bite coverage.  Such important events were overshadowed by the death of pop music sensation, Michael Jackson, economic woe coverage, and news of a congress overwhelmed by bogus legislation.

All at once, sudden destruction will come upon this world.  All at once, Bible believing Christians will be delivered.  All at once, the world will enter a pre-deluvian age of human depravity and God sized judgement.  All at once, another birth pang has erupted.  A birth of immense tribulation is about to happen!  Now is the time for people to read their Bibles, to turn to God, to bend the knees of devotion to Jesus Christ as the forgiver of sins and giver of eternal life!  Today, all at once, you can have salvation. (Rom. 13:11)

“Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.” II Cor. 6:2