From princes to professors, parchments to smart phones, and from readings to rejoicings, the world wide phenomenon that is the King James Version of the Bible is being hailed as a cornerstone of society.

Washington D.C.,April 29, 2011 – The King James Bible is coming!  The ‘National’ celebration of the ‘Majestic Legacy’ of the King James Bible will be held May 2-3rd in the nation’s capitol.  In fact, an expo tent housing ancient bibles including a first edition 1611 Authorized ‘King James’ will be on display in front of the Capitol building upon the National Mall. A series of lectures by a variety of authors and experts will be free and open to the public at the Jack Morton Auditorium on the campus of George Washington University on Monday from 11am to 3pm.A fine arts drama and music presentation celebrating this anniversary will be performed at 7pm Monday, at GWU as well.  Tickets are available online or at the expo tent.On Tuesday, May 3rd, at 5pm a rally will be held near the expo tent, that will include the reading of a bipartisan congressional resolution, House Concurrent Resolution 38, recognizing the anniversary and influence of the KJV.  Expo event details can be found at

Multiple events have already been staged in the U.S. and England.  Many more celebrations are being planned all year long and around the English speaking world.  One of the more modern manifestations of the noteworthiness of the KJV is how quickly it gets adapted, and available for new technology.  In honor of the great book, the ‘you version’ application for smart phones will have a flash mob read the Bible in just seconds from all around the world.

Recent attention has garnered the pens of many a journalist, capturing even the attention of notable atheists Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, among others.  Countless books, videos and news stories are also remembering this amazing books story and prominence.  Even Prince Charles has added his reading of John chapter 14 to a global Youtube reading.

“To ignore it, is to ignore the very sun.  It has enlightened our souls about Jesus Christ, and enriched our lives by paving a way of thinking.”, says Doug Levesque of the Bible Nation Society, sponsor of the national event. “In its pages are the answers to our current dilemmas including, the economy, the middle east, and even political gridlock.”

If Americas four hundred years have been artfully influenced by the flowing cadence of the King James Bible, then what help might its confident prose offer us now?

Contact:  Jason Georges, 989-494-3195,, Executive Director, The Bible Nation Society, King James Bible 2011 EXPO May 2-3, 2011,