Of course, all lives matter. All skin tones matter. All nationalities matter. All age groups matter. All lives matter, especially to God. He gave His Word and His Son so that all lives could be reconciled to Himself. If only all lives trusted God and His wonderful plan. Because of such a rebellious spirit within mankind, we are unable to unify properly. Even our attempts to unify against God are tumultuous affairs. The horrible face of racism is both a result of our sinful natures and our inability to fix such problems apart from the Scriptures. The fear we have of each other has led to many wars and cruelties such as slavery. When any group of people fail to see their own faults, they give way to imagining their particular supremacy. White supremacy is a lie and based in fear or an evil pride or both. Black lives matter is a cry for justice that has in some cases morphed into a black supremacy sentiment. It also is based in fear or an evil pride or both. To use such racial bias as an excuse to riot violently, kill police officers or even hate law and order shows the foolishness of our modern culture. We should continue to fight for justice, defend proper law enforcement, and respect police officers. Blue lives matter in a Christian culture.

To be sure, there are some instances of police corruption. People who have been on the receiving end of such injustices are left stinging and battle within themselves to trust officers of the law. This surely is also a result of the transformation in America of choosing darkness over light. Any person with power, a police officer with a badge and gun for example, is prone to a temptation to abuse their station. A virtuous America was a difficult place for such people to rise in authority, and they stood out when they did transgress. The courts quickly dispatched them with a proper ruling and better agents were then employed. But in a dark and corrupt culture where evil becomes tolerable and good vilified, would not cases of police going bad increase? It is not a police problem we have, but a culture problem. Most modern police agencies have to have internal investigation departments that keep a watch and handle on their officers. They are also now employed whenever a police officer shoots or kills a suspect. It is then up to departments and courts to determine whether such incidents were justified, accidental or nefarious. All too often a corrupt media and corrupt public languish in these sad stories, feeding a frenzy of angry rebels into further violence and discontent. The darkness of culture ensures such lawlessness.

Unfortunately, a new phenomenon is becoming a rampant disease in America today. Cop killing is surely a societal sin. It is a sure sign that the culture is on life support. It should be rejected as terrorism. Political leadership, educators and parents used to universally proclaim that police officers were to be respected and obeyed. Civilian authorities employed police with sure training and mandates that instructed their officers to protect and serve the citizenry. An insidious plan to blur the lines for all parties has been successful in creating a hazy cloud of confusion as to how to interact with police. This has led to officers being outfitted like paramilitary soldiers and issued with cameras on their cars and persons. It seems as though each stage of adjustment in policing leads to further distrust and violent action. Some university ought to do a study on the correlation between the historical percentage of the population attending Sunday school and police brutality. Think tanks should invest in studying the connection with societal growth in becoming religiously unaffiliated and the level of police being killed or targeted. Surely some news agency can make an effort to catalog the sales of violent cop killing video games with police deaths. Television and movies often portray police as bumbling, dishonest, corrupt and obsessed with control. The entire culture is being blinded to the necessity for law and order. The transformation into darkness will soon leave us either without a respect for police or needing a constant martial state where the merits of law are withdrawn altogether.

There is a real need for criminal justice reform in America. It is on the top of the list for black lives, white lives and blue lives alike. Early Americans all had the same concepts about the nature of law, individual rights, and punishment. They derived their legal understanding from the Bible, history, and Black‚Äôs dictionary of law. Common law was a term mostly used because every citizen, no matter their status or personal interest, had a common understanding of law. The topics of police patrolling, court sentencing, and prison life should become commonly discussed again. When the cultural mores surrounding the topic of justice are mocked and belittled, a lawless society is birthed. Today we are reaping the whirlwind of decades of decay in the justice system. If we rot much further, we will have anarchy–a devilish form of disorder and a death knell for any nation.