Article Submission

Guidelines for submission

Purpose for Writing: To explore and promote the Bible, and it’s message as a national cultural influence.
Article Length: Submissions should be at least 500 words, but not more than 900 words.
Audience: Bible believers and advocates should benefit from these articles; however, our primary audience is purposefully intended to be the unbelieving mind, and in some cases, the antagonistic voice to the Bible. Therefore write persuasively with a voice convinced of the Bible’s positive cultural influence and effects on society. Provide helpful information to academics, journalists, judges, executives, authors, students, scientists, elected authorities, and even religious leaders. Be mindful of skeptics, scoffers, doubters, and mockers.
Facts/Stats/Sources: Please be sure to verify all your information. Claim sources as much as possible. This will enhance your credibility.
Quotations: Give proper credit to all speakers and authors. Be accurate and detailed within the article itself. Footnotes will not serve our purpose. Book reviews, news commentaries, and other journalistic critiques are welcome, so long as they meet the stated guidelines and purpose.
Headlines: A pertinent title that attracts attention is best, but refrain from the sensational or the silly. Key words in the headline may attract more search engine inquiries.
Topics: Multiple topic headings are listed on the Institutes home page, and are general in nature. Many subjects can be included under these headings. Remember, the greater theme is , “how is the Bible effecting this particular aspect of the culture, or how can the Bible be better applied?”.
Paragraphs & Flow of Thought: The opening paragraph should be alive with interest. Use facts, stats, news, personalities, issues, and provocative stories. The last sentence of the first paragraph should propose the theme or thesis of the article. The last statement of each successive paragraph should provide connection with the original theme proposed, and continuity into the first statement of the following paragraph. Three to six paragraphs should enable you to communicate effectively.
The Last Sentence & Use of Scripture: Reserve a penultimate scripture verse or verses for use as your last sentence. Sermons begin with a scriptural text that determines a proposition, followed by explanation and application. Persuasive and informative articles reverse this formula, starting with a cultural issue and drawing the reader to consider a Bible verse. Of course, you will probably start with a scriptural resolution in mind, but it is mandatory that you definitely finish the argument or thesis with the Bible. Try to artfully inject the Bible’s voice into the crowded marketplace of ideas.

Pledge: All information is correct, checked for accuracy, and original. All other authors or speakers are accurately quoted and recognized. I have not plagerized and accept responsibility for my words.

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