COVID 19 Wars: These 2020 Hotspots may Spillover this Summer.

War is usually a result of Political Anxiety, Health, and Monetary Systems Failing,  or Mistrust Among Nations.  We have all three.

While we have always had “wars and rumors of wars”, and even a number of World Wars, the prospect of a third cataclysmic nuclear, biological, and chemical confrontation has been imagined for seventy-five years now.  From the end of World War Two until now, a series of regional and “cold war” efforts have been the subject of most diplomatic dialogue. Preventing such a future war was the reason behind both the League of Nations and later the United Nations.  Creating a table of international dialogue has been helpful for a season, but nations have continued to develop more deadly and technologically advanced weapons. The next global war will ignite rapidly, develop fully in real-time as the whole world watches on their smartphones, and escalate to a crescendo in hours and days.  This may not be the Armageddon of the Bible, that will be unparalleled, but it may be World War Three we fearfully envisioned.

Here is a watchlist of potential sparking points around the world:


Pacific Region

  • North and South Korea have recently exchanged fire across their border.  Kim Jung Un reportedly underwent a heart-related illness and a botched surgery.  When he supposedly resurfaced weeks later, media showed pictures of what was clearly a body double.
  • The South China Sea is rife with conflict. China claims it pushed out a US Destroyer, but a second Destroyer entered into the sea along with navel shows of strength by Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, and Australia. 
  • Hong Kong democracy leaders have been arrested under the quarantine edicts by China.
  • Taiwan’s landslide election for a liberty candidate has infuriated Mainland China.  President Trump has called upon the World Health Organization to recognize Taiwan.


Indian Ocean/ Persian Gulf

  • Trump ordered the assassination of Iranian leader Soleimani in Iraq, and Iran retaliated. They  shot several missiles at US bases and downed a commercial jet
  • There continues to be multiple US and Iranian militias tit for tat clashes.
  • Iranian speed boats harassed a US Destroyer, but President Trump ordered the next provocation to end in sinking them.  Iran has promised to retaliate if sanctions are renewed.
  • The US pulled back from Kurdish areas and other forward bases in Syria and Iraq in order to shrink exposure


Middle East/Israel/Syria

  • Israel has bombed Damascus sights linked with Hezbollah and Iranian militias. The potential to unilaterally declare Sovereignty over the West Bank is inciting the Palestinians.
  • Lebanese border incursions have increased.
  • Gaza continues terror activity while the IDF responds with bombs.
  • Russia continues its Syrian/Iraqi/Iranian/Turkish/Pakistani/Afghani and Yemeni loose but marked military alliance.  It has expanded into Libya. At the same time, US troops are pulling out of Saudi Arabia and Egypt.



  • A Venezuela coup attempt fails again while President Maduro tries to prove US involvement.
  • Russian and Canadian-US fighter plane interdictions increase over the Northern Pacific.
  • Canada’s Trudeau bans most guns after a shooting.
  • Many people are of the opinion that a US civil war is looming.



  • Brexit causes Scotland and Ireland to make new referendums on leaving Great  Britain.
  • Belorussia has begun separating from Russia economically and politically.
  • E.U. has a  Euro that is falling apart threatening the alliance.
  • Ukraine continues to be invaded by Russia.



In addition to these hotspots, other factors are weighing heavily on the world’s militaries including: 

  • Military personnel illnesses and military use of biological/chemical/nuclear warfare ensure pre-emptive strikes.
  • Power grid interference, food chain breakdowns, and election interference are acts of war.
  • Space and cyber wars are now ongoing.
  • Special forces are increasing training, softly engaging in infrastructure sabotage, social media propagandizing, and playing with open assassination.

Finally, there is a real possibility that civil unrest and outbreaks of violence among factions may take place as the vitriol has gone beyond diplomacy and entered into threats. Speaker of the House Pelosi has mirrored U.S. enemy George Soros in saying that Trump will not be president after the next election “one way or another”. Many governors have declared edicts that their constituents are rejecting wholesale.

The final step in a New World Order resetting the globe to their liking is simply war, chaos, and fear.  Only a determined Christian populace, penitent,  praying, and preparing can hold back evil tides and push through the mayhem.  Let us stand together and press forward with confidence.

“With God all things are possible.”  Matthew 19:26