By James Demis C.P.A.,  Bible Nation Society Board Member

The book of II Chronicles, among other things, relates the actions of various kings of Israel and Judah.  The following is a list of kings. Just like any list of leadership in nations, there were good, bad and mixed leaders. In the secular worlds, good leaders are primarily known as leaders that got their nations through tough times, both economically and militarily. They may also have pursued agenda’s of grandeur or destruction.

Chronicles shows clearly that the nature of the leader’s walk with God, affects the people of the nation. Other books of the bible do this also, from Moses and the Jewish people in Genesis to the Anti-Christ and his followers in Revelation. But no one book describes this relationship more clearly than II Chronicles.

Chronicles often uses phrases, such as “…did that which was right…”, and “…did that which was evil in sight of the Lord.” to describe these men.  Often the King did what was right by changing something that displeased God, or vise versa. But you will note, that the people of the nation under the king were blessed by God or suffered, paralleling the leader’s relationship with God.

Chronicles, however, doesn’t use the King’s relationship with the people as the yardstick for good. The yardstick was the King’s relationship to God. In modern times, Israel is probably the best example of how God can bless an entire nation. The Abrahamic covenant, of course, is part of this protection, but good leadership is also a part of this protection.  Their leaders not only have a higher moral value system than their neighbors, their neighbors, but prayer is a continual part of their deliberations. Israel’s existence, against all odds, is a testimony of Godly leadership.

We have many critical elections in our future.   This article is not to tell you how to vote. However, there are two essential elements to your vote, one is voting for those that do not merely espouse Christian beliefs, but advocate laws and policies beliefs, but advocate laws and policies consistent with biblical principles. The only way for voters to know biblical principles is through Bible reading and meditation.

The other is through prayer. II Chronicles details how through asking God his will, our leaders can bestow God’s blessing on our nation. We need to collectively pray for such a leader.