So many socialist activists claim the Son of God as one of their adherents. “Did he not redistribute the wealth when he fed the multitudes?”, is the great claim. “The disciples were the chosen arbitrators of distribution” is the construed fact, that is moved like a queen into a chess-like check. An absolute favorite declaration by the socialist utopians remains, “Jesus wanted to ‘turn the world upside down’ and usher in an age of social justice and equality.” Checkmate! they decry and sit back smiling. Modern socialism is so far from a Christian order that such claims are laughable at best. Jesus clearly is both King and God. He is above all forms of governance and rules as the monarch that He is. Every person on earth would do well to remember that fact.

Misconstruing Scripture to sway the masses for political reform is as old as Pharaoh. Speaking of Pharaoh, was he a socialist? Did he not tax and redistribute the wealth to provide for the whole earth? Shouldn’t we have the same political construct? The true scriptural answer is absolutely no. In both of these over utilized references, despotism was the order of the day. In Pharaoh’s day, it was a miraculous vision from God and a faithful man to interpret it, that saved from the famine. Pharaoh would have made Donald Trump look like a feeble mouse. He was a self-professed God-Man. He reigned as a political and religious despot of the highest order. The Hebrew slave Joseph, a type of Christ foreshadowed, had a special dispensation from God and Pharaoh to collect a portion of grain tax for seven years when prosperity was at its peak. Then when famine struck, the whole earth came to Pharaoh for food. He did not redistribute it. He sold it at a very high price and even traded lands for grain. He became very rich. An elitist. The top one percent. This is what socialists admire. The piling on of power and wealth, while at the same time acting the humble hero. History is full of the examples. Joseph, on the other hand, rescued his own family through suffering and hard work. God raised him up from dungeons to serve an earthly king and a heavenly monarch. There is no real socialism at work here.

As far as Jesus Himself goes, is He not the one who sends sunshine and rain to all men, good and evil? Does he not offer all a redemption of eternal proportions? Why harness Him into a lowly political persuasion that clearly propagates evil men? In the New Testament, the story tells of thousands of men, women and children, who follow Jesus to hear him preach the kingdom of God. They become tired and hungry, far from any place from which to purchase a meal. Jesus’ own purse is depleted and insufficient to feed them all. A miracle is called for. Up steps a lad and his lunch. A few loaves and fishes — hardly a feast. Jesus receives the willing sacrifice and orders the disciples to spread the meager ration. Lo, and behold, all eat, are filled and there are twelve baskets full left over. This surplus never happens in socialism. They need miracles, but they do not rely on God for them. There is no willing sacrifice of their own lunch for anybody. In fact, there is no hint of socialism anywhere in this story. A claim for capitalism could even be made. However, the real point to be made is that men need Jesus to love them, rule them and provide for them. We are just like children putting on dads’ shoes and pretending, when we rest our hopes in political parties and ideologies.

The pope is the greatest perpetrator of this liberation theology. It was created and intended for political upheaval akin to revolutionary (communist) geopolitics. It has matured into a slick salesmanship. Pseudo-Christians use it to justify their voting for liberals who also advocate for immoral relationships, abortion, and other anti-christian cultural reforms. The twisted theology recruits Jesus’s humanity without proclaiming His divinity. When this theology is used to propel a soft socialism, it is just like putting lipstick on a pig. Both religion and politics become muddy and corrupt. Protestants and evangelicals are also mistakenly reiterating this “Jesus was a socialist” mantra. They have lost the clear identity of their savior and of their real salvation. Their own identity is marred and so goes their church, their politics, and next their country.

It would be sad for conservatives to decry, “Jesus was a capitalist”, and become equally as twisted. The Bible represents God’s will for men and nations. Principles for life and governance abound in its pages. Hard work, personal ownership, representative leadership, and self-defense are all in there. So are compassion for the poor, help for the weak, and love for souls. In Biblical stories, God’s oversight, including His rewards and wrath also must be yielded to. Jesus’s Lordship should be bowed to as well. Human willingness and responsibility are part of the story. The disciples were not socialist arbitrators or government lackeys. They were transformed men who transformed all types of governments through proclaiming repentance from sin and faith in the person of Jesus. It was a real relationship with God that spread — not just a human political idea.

And he said, Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables; that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand.” -Luke 8:10

Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.” -Luke 18:17

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