Lansing, MI, October 17, 2014—

Michigan pastors are coming together to speak out against amending the Elliott-Larson Civil Rights act to include gay or ‘gender inclusive’ language. If passed this would effectively codify homosexuality as a civil right. A growing number of pastors are signing onto the pastor’s press release document which express opposition to the the effort.

Clergy and religious leaders are calling on legislators and the governor to reject House bill 5804 and Senate bill 1053 on moral grounds and on the proposition that religious liberty will be stifled. “We do not think government has the place to give special status to some while coercing or punishing others.” said Doug Levesque, one of the organizers.

A Pastors press conference will be held on October 22nd at 10:30am on the Capitol steps in Lansing. All pastors and Christian leaders are encouraged to participate.

Visit for more information or to sign the Pastors Press Release.