Citizens born in the new millennium are rightly called Millennials. They know nothing of wired telephone communication, only three to four television channels, stamped or hand-written mail, or bicycle delivered newspapers. Theirs is a world of digital, wireless, instant, hand held information, communication and entertainment. They did not go to the public library, research through a card catalog or read an encyclopedia. They now have the ability to question Google out loud and get an instantaneous response based upon a pre defined set of parameters that they themselves have set. This makes the message that Google delivers to be received as a most likely satisfactory emotion, and a positive reinforcement to a vision of themselves and their own designed world. Such potential narcissism is transforming America into a myriad of little demagogues whose personal experience does not necessarily match their online profile or image. And they are OK with this arrangement. It is a living fantasy, and a made-up faith. It is serving to skew Biblical faith into just another masquerade, and satanic rebellion into an understandable option.

Google is a word that represents the concept of a googolplex, or an infinite number of options. It is akin to total freedom, total confusion, total control or total slavery all at once. The company’s motto was once famously “do no evil” perhaps because of the possibility of it’s doing evil. If you “google” the word “evil” there are so many responses that one has to wonder if there really is such a thing. In the Millennial vernacular, to Google, is to search for answers, to ponder, even in the right circumstances, to pray. This digital age phenomenon constitutes a new faith. A religion of human proportions that replaces the Bible with an online query, God with a seemingly infinite response, righteousness as any one of these responses as an acceptable choice, and googling as the alternative to prayer. Mankind’s corporate thought as a hive mentality is exalted into a messiah-like position. Google CEO Schmidt does get ad revenues, and arbitration power over query search rules, but that doesn’t seem to matter to Millennials. They are happy with the self-perceptions of control. The good that Google does and the ease with which they give access to so many of life’s tools is truly amazing, but it can never replace the true faith or real relationship with our creator, Jesus Christ. This transformation in our culture is alarming.

Google, Amazon, Tesla, Facebook and other 21st century technical gurus have created a new faith, based on a new concept of everlasting life. Transhumanism teaches that by downloading one’s online profile, launching it into the “cloud”, and then creating a robotic version of yourself you can become your own creator. You can live forever. If the digital and synthetic can somehow merge with the biological and human, the hybrid merger would afford the savior of earth and of humanity. The Millennials technological thinking and opportunities have tempted them with these and other blasphemies. Jesus became a man, shed real blood for mankind, and died a human death in order to become a once for all and only savior. Modern transhuman ideals are a bogus religion, a war on true faith, and destructive to young minds. In this pretend faith, Biblical faith is dangerous and should be replaced, with all Christian adherents removed from interference. The “Climate Change” dogma of the UN is really about this new faith. They want to create a world where only the truly transhuman can survive an earth without livable breathable air. The Millennials are the first generation capable of being guinea pigs in this devilish experiment.

The transformation now at hand is the end of the road for America. The archaic and self-defeating concept of religion will be removed along with the simplistic notion of nationhood. The darkest part of darkness is now being imagined.

Consider Romans 1:21, “Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.”