An Historic Occasion

by Dr. Douglas F. Levesque, founder The Bible Nation Society

A great celebration lies just before us.  The King James Bible is turning 400 years old!Samuel testified, “. . . and the word of the LORD was precious in those days,”.  I wholeheartedly agree with the  prophet . . .both then and now!  The Bible is a precious commodity and deserves our celebrating it’s age, it’s influence and it’s enduring attributes.

Do you realize the King James Bible is older than America itself?  Why the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights are only middle aged in comparison.  Many would argue that those founding documents had an impetus that was born out of the pages of these celebrated Scriptures.  The great scientific ages of industry, space, and telecommunications along with their fruits of factories, rockets, and smart phones came only after the massive distribution of this the greatest of books.  It is not just a history book, it is a book that has made history.

No other literature touches the influence of the King James Bible.  Soldiers have found  hope and comfort in it from the French and Indian wars to the modern day conflicts.  It’s well worn pages have been read at our weddings and by our gravesides.  Presidents and Kings have quoted from it for aid in domestic disputations, and for clarity amidst diplomatic challenges.  Its words, more than any other, are plastered in our public buildings, referred to in our music, and acted out in our movies.  It has been etched into our national psyche over these last 400 years, and with good effect.  This sacred work has solidified the English language, and spread it’s verbiage across the globe.  It truly is the best selling, oftenest read,  and most beloved of books.

Much can be said of the King James Bible’s endurance.  No book has been more scrutinized for centuries, or attacked by disparate enemies.  It simply was made to last.  Some have said it is an anvil molding the instruments that comply to it’s shaping, and breaking the ones that try to destroy it.  It is worth celebrating!
It really is more than a national icon – it is a worldwide phenomenon!  And while it cannot be said that God is an Englishman, it is indisputable that He has made sure English speakers, of every race and continent, know who He is.  What a Bible we have!  It’s words will transform a person, and enrich  a nation.  Join me in celebrating this monumental cornerstone of our culture.

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