Medicine affects the culture. Dr. Benjamin Rush was a man of medicine and a founding father. His medicine found its way into the Lewis and Clark Expedition by way of his own concoction of a purging agent called “thunderclappers”. Modern archeologists have tracked the expeditions camping spots by locating the unique pills chemical agents in the soil. Rush’s assistant revealed that the agent came from the Jalap plant and was from a region in Mexico. The drug was officially used in the U.S. until 1965 when it was proven that the agent caused a sort of mercury poisoning that made the body flush other bad materials. Different, safer purgatives have been used ever since. There are many stories of medicine involved in the life of American culture.

Today, medicine still remains on the forefront of cultural argument. Birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy, and suicide assisting chemicals or gases are hot button moral topics. The questionable morality of certain medical directives is another example of how America has slipped into darkness.

Modern medicine is tainted by big business and bad science. The broad acceptance of evolutionary theory in the last hundred years has twisted certain medical views. The wide scale practice of abortion and its acceptance as a right or “choice” is rooted in anti Biblical mindsets and procedures.

Though Christians have fought adamantly for a right to life legal ruling, abortion’s acceptance has reconfigured the murder of a child in the womb into a “sacred” and meaningful “value” of a woman’s right over her own body. Alongside skewed science and values lies unfortunate money making opportunities of the insurance and abortion industries along with vile body parts harvesting operations. The love of mammon truly takes every good thing and perverts it to the extreme. That medicine could become murder for money is devilish indeed, and we must never soften our hearts or countenances against the dark turns society is making.

Socialized medicine is a government monopoly on medicine. Marxist ideals are ungodly to the core and comprise the ethics of promoting governmental arbitration of the healthcare industry. No other sector of society has been bettered through government mandated services.

To allow the culture a view of their government as a god is to deify mankind. This is the original rebellion played out by the greedy hearts of selfish man. Cradle to grave government entitlements replace the hearty work ethic of “tending and keeping the garden” and faithful reliance upon God Himself as our provider. It is simply not fair to make everyone pay for the unhealthy and often sinful mistakes of others. Smokers, drinkers, perverts and gluttons are stealing from the pockets of disciplined and obedient people who simply live healthier lives. As other cultures have left God, they have also suffered the unsuccessful “communal” or “communist” system of economics. Remember President Obama said “Healthcare is the Economy.”

Obamacare is controlling society through medicine. It is no wonder that President Obama has made this particular issue his claim to fame. He sold the system as a help to those who cannot afford insurance, but delivered a slave ship that forced the purchase of a product and then enforced it with IRS fines.

This is a first for American culture. Such totalitarianism was called evil when delivered by Nazi’s, Stalinists, and Maoists. China’s one child policy is clearly a tyranny over the family, but so is mandated insurance that ensures free abortions for everyone. That a whole generation would voluntarily put their own dossier in front of billions of facebook users is poor judgment by a collective culture, but that we would applaud the mandatory and medical dossier of every citizen to be turned over to a system that includes death panels is the sign of a very sick culture.

We have placed ourselves two steps from population control and eugenics through the horrible and failing promise of Obamacare. The next steps will be connecting Obamacare to employment and citizenship. Beware of any cultural swing, political or religious, that breaches that evil cohabitation of systems.

Abortion, euthanasia and psychological mayhem are the fruits of Pharaoh and Herod. Killing of innocent people instead of attempting to heal or comfort them is not medicine. It is sin. That greater numbers of medical societies are bowing to political philosophy for the practice and delivery of healthcare is a transformation in American culture of immense proportions. Only an ignorance or neglect of Biblical Christianity could allow such a descent into darkness. This particular culture war front has been neglected by pastors and churches mainly because of the self interested prospect of free healthcare. There is very little room for Christians in this area of nationalized healthcare. We cannot give ground to the darkness of enhanced and increased acceptance of heinous crimes like abortion.