Season 1

S1 #8 – Social Media: A Battle for the Souls of Men2022-03-22T19:35:04+00:00
S1 #7 – Myths of Space Exploration, or Faith and Science Fiction2022-03-22T19:35:13+00:00
S1 #6 – Wars and Rumors of Wars2022-03-22T19:35:20+00:00
S1 #5 – A Biblical Perspective on Critical Race Theory2022-03-22T19:35:28+00:00
S1 E4 – The Problem With LGBTQ Pride2024-01-22T19:47:03+00:00
S1 E3 – What’s Wrong with Global Governance?2024-01-22T19:19:55+00:00
S1 E2 – The Constancy of Failed Peace Policies in Israel2024-01-22T19:18:57+00:00
S1 E1 – The Tyranny of COVID and Its Response2024-01-22T19:13:48+00:00


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