• READY OR NOT . . . BABYLON IS BACK. Babylon never really died. Its pervasive influence fades and reappears like an unruly evil. Every mighty empire has been enticed by its attractive smile and ancient promises. America is no different. Inside such bait is always a hook. The United States is currently in the grips of “mystery, Babylon.” Her lies are changing the heart and soul of this fine country. Good men and women are being deceived and drawn into perdition. Christians are suffering a modern-day lions' den. What can be done? WHAT THE ANCIENTS KNEW . . . YOU CAN TOO. Persia, Greece, and Rome all fell into the enticements of whorish Babylon. Ancient believers had to both recognize the apparition before them, and endure the sure course of persecution befalling them. Every generation has had to survive Babylon in some form. We are no different. The wise men of modernity need to take an inventory of the skills the wise men of antiquity used to escape the lions' den. They repeatedly followed the same pattern of purposeful behaviors in order to survive. HOW TO SHUT THE LIONS MOUTHS. Surviving This Babylon is an instruction manual for overcoming the current forms of this incessant beast that is Babylon. The formula is here, in this book, and it is clear. The axis of global governance and a universal religion of apostasy is emerging and may just be the final form of Babylon. It is threatening and dangerous, but can be overcome. The lions of Babylon are fierce but the ancient secrets revealed in Scripture will help you to roar back with a perfect boldness.
  • Sheep without a shepherd get fearful, scattered, sick and lost. Without a true and properly confident shepherd, the flock gets targeted by predators, stolen, and even killed. Shepherds are important to the general welfare and direction of society’s flocks. When the shepherds become phony, disillusioned, self-deceived, neglectful, and even downright corrupt, the “green pastures” of the 23rd Psalm become blood red fields of slaughter. The “still waters” become turbulent, spook the flock, and lead to the societal discord and failure we face today. However, it is possible to be a faithful shepherd. Multiple shepherds practicing the same skill set as the LORD Himself can turn society around. Are you a shepherd? Societal shepherds include Pastors, Parents, Police, Teachers, Doctors & Nurses, Coaches, Politicians, Soldiers, Counselors and Employers. Each must lead their flocks with the confidence of Philippians 1:6.
  • Churches should be awesome. They should inspire the very best spiritual response from the Christian, and they must aspire to be convincing to the unbeliever as well. A church can be more than simply a Sunday service and is meant to be an important everyday entity. The Lord himself conceived the church and through Him, the church was actually born. It is called a “glorious church” (Ephesians 5:27). A church functioning with the Lord is a potent force. A church without him is dead, ineffectual and potentially a force for evil. The identity and practice of a local New Testament church are, Therefore, of supreme importance. A clear understanding of the church makes it easier to be courageous for the Lord in ministry. I want to share this courage with you.
  • “The Scriptures cannot be broken.” In all of history one Bible translation best fits this description given to the true Words of God by Jesus in John 10:35. The King James Bible and its textual base are just that - Unbroken. They have stood the test of time and illustrated the power and durability of God’s Words. Those who advocate for other modern, Critical text versions must cede that their Bible was at some point broken or lost, and in need of recovery or reconstruction. The King James Bible stands unique in its incredible history of transmission, accuracy of translation and legacy of unmatched cultural, linguistic, and spiritual influence on the English speaking world and beyond.This volume is the result of the compilation of the writings of Dr. Phil Stringer on the issues related to the text of Scripture and the King James Bible. These writings represent decades of faithful scholarship and dedicated defense of the King James. May this publication be a lasting legacy to the contributions of Dr. Stringer and a help to future scholars and defenders of the Unbroken Bible." Dr. Phil Stringer writes with the power of a preacher, the finesse of a professor, the love of a pastor, and the artful ink of a seasoned writer. There is not another author so well-fit for the subject. Phil presents the clear evidence with the profound faith of a true believer, and the kind reasoning of one who truly cares for the critic." - Dr. Douglas Levesque, Bible Nation Society
  • A civil war of values, of ideals, and of moral principles is occurring in America today. A Culture War for the future of American civilization is taking place. This war will be won or lost in your lifetime and the results of this war will be as significant as the results of the War for Independence. The war on life, law, family, and freedom is being fought for dominance of American culture. Will the last vestiges of Christian culture be swept away? Or will there be a return to the foundations of this nation’s Christian heritage? It is time for Christians to engage in the culture war that is transforming America.
  • The Middle East conflict has plagued the world for centuries, and nations, perhaps greater than ours, have tried and failed to solve the Jewish question. The difficult answer can be found in understanding one man, his family, and his covenant with God. The Bible declares God made a covenant with Abraham to give him a homeland in the Middle East in what is known today as Israel, to make his name great, to bless him with innumerable descendants, and to bless all the families of the earth through him. Is this ancient history about Abraham’s descendants relevant to our circumstances in the world as we know it today? Should the story of Abraham’s life have been better left alone to decay in some museum or dusty archive? Not a good idea. Does it bring anything worthwhile to bear on our present day worldwide issues? Yes, it certainly does. A word from the Author: Any nation that coerces Israel into “Land for peace” negotiations and who refuses to recognize Jerusalem as totally Jewish including the Temple Mount will forfeit their future. If America joins this chorus, judgment will surely come from the God of Abraham, the only True God, the God of the Bible. I have taken special notice of the slowly eroding support for Israel and have taken the last ten years to research and assemble the evidence in as readable a format as possible. Herein I lay out the case that Israel may soon find herself alone, without her closest ally for support and in return we may lose favor in Heaven. This far outweighs any election results. Under the Obama administration and the John Kerry State Department, our country was on a collision course with Jehovah God, the true God, the God of the Bible. I write not just to defend Israel but to warn my beloved homeland. May God grant America repentance while there is still time. If America withdraws from Israel, one nation will survive the break-up and one nation will die. Which one lives, and which one dies? To answer these questions will take courage. To ignore this warning would be catastrophic.


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