READY OR NOT . . . BABYLON IS BACK. Babylon never really died. Its pervasive influence fades and reappears like an unruly evil. Every mighty empire has been enticed by its attractive smile and ancient promises. America is no different. Inside such bait is always a hook. The United States is currently in the grips of “mystery, Babylon.” Her lies are changing the heart and soul of this fine country. Good men and women are being deceived and drawn into perdition. Christians are suffering a modern-day lions’ den. What can be done?

WHAT THE ANCIENTS KNEW . . . YOU CAN TOO. Persia, Greece, and Rome all fell into the enticements of whorish Babylon. Ancient believers had to both recognize the apparition before them, and endure the sure course of persecution befalling them. Every generation has had to survive Babylon in some form. We are no different. The wise men of modernity need to take an inventory of the skills the wise men of antiquity used to escape the lions’ den. They repeatedly followed the same pattern of purposeful behaviors in order to survive.

HOW TO SHUT THE LIONS MOUTHS. Surviving This Babylon is an instruction manual for overcoming the current forms of this incessant beast that is Babylon. The formula is here, in this book, and it is clear. The axis of global governance and a universal religion of apostasy is emerging and may just be the final form of Babylon. It is threatening and dangerous, but can be overcome. The lions of Babylon are fierce but the ancient secrets revealed in Scripture will help you to roar back with a perfect boldness.