Sheep without a shepherd get fearful, scattered, sick and lost. Without a true and properly confident shepherd, the flock gets targeted by predators, stolen, and even killed. Shepherds are important to the general welfare and direction of society’s flocks. When the shepherds become phony, disillusioned, self-deceived, neglectful, and even downright corrupt, the “green pastures” of the 23rd Psalm become blood red fields of slaughter. The “still waters” become turbulent, spook the flock, and lead to the societal discord and failure we face today. However, it is possible to be a faithful shepherd. Multiple shepherds practicing the same skill set as the LORD Himself can turn society around. Are you a shepherd? Societal shepherds include Pastors, Parents, Police, Teachers, Doctors & Nurses, Coaches, Politicians, Soldiers, Counselors and Employers. Each must lead their flocks with the confidence of Philippians 1:6.