“The Scriptures cannot be broken.” In all of history one Bible translation best fits this description given to the true Words of God by Jesus in John 10:35. The King James Bible and its textual base are just that – Unbroken. They have stood the test of time and illustrated the power and durability of God’s Words. Those who advocate for other modern, Critical text versions must cede that their Bible was at some point broken or lost, and in need of recovery or reconstruction. The King James Bible stands unique in its incredible history of transmission, accuracy of translation and legacy of unmatched cultural, linguistic, and spiritual influence on the English speaking world and beyond.This volume is the result of the compilation of the writings of Dr. Phil Stringer on the issues related to the text of Scripture and the King James Bible. These writings represent decades of faithful scholarship and dedicated defense of the King James. May this publication be a lasting legacy to the contributions of Dr. Stringer and a help to future scholars and defenders of the Unbroken Bible.”

Dr. Phil Stringer writes with the power of a preacher, the finesse of a professor, the love of a pastor, and the artful ink of a seasoned writer. There is not another author so well-fit for the subject. Phil presents the clear evidence with the profound faith of a true believer, and the kind reasoning of one who truly cares for the critic.” – Dr. Douglas Levesque, Bible Nation Society