By Doug Levesque, Independent Candidate for State School Board

If only the Michigan state school board could come up with a policy as keen, insightful and successful as the tourism board. Michigan’s waterways, forests and heritage are indeed, “pure” assets and are touted to the nation as such, but our schools, education policies, and graduation rates are not so pure. In fact, this year we have made national headlines for our homo-erotic policy proposals for gender confused kids. It is as though the state school board and their intrepid LGBTQ pioneer Dr. John Austin are willing to sacrifice what little good is left to foster the hope that our public school classrooms could usher in a new utopia where homosexuality is normal, and gender confusion is popular.

While these issues need to be addressed, the school board proposed guidelines that would keep parents in the dark when their children came forward as confused about their sexuality or gender identity. Private counseling was to be offered as well as teacher gender neutral pronoun identifiers. Normal or non-confused students were to be subjected to boys in the girl’s locker rooms and vice versa. All students and school employees were to be steeped in LGBTQ rhetoric and encouraged to accept what they might otherwise deem unacceptable. When these proposals were leaked the board “offered” a limited and measured dialogue. This dialogue was overwhelmingly against the proposals.

Now the board has finished “deliberating” their findings, and will vote on September 14 on “revised” recommendations. Dr. Austin, a two term school board veteran and third term candidate, is now saying, “of course we want parents involved in making decisions,” but with the stipulation of, “on a case by case basis” according to the Detroit Daily News. That is the only real revision, which is simply a proviso offered because they were caught in their perverted notions of “child protection”. These provisions are heinous to regular students and confused ones too. They turn the classroom into a recruitment center for LGBTQ thoughts and designs. Not so pure, Michigan, not so pure at all.

In the name of child protection and a pure education system let’s reject the current “guidance memo” for what it is . . .pure trash.