“…but the wicked shall do wickedly:  and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.”   -Daniel 12:10

President Bush is the First US president to declare a two state solution as US policy.  His “road map to peace” initiative has included a “quartet” of partners including the UN, the EU and Russia.  He has gone on record supporting a separate, equal, contiguous Palestine.  In the shadow of the Presidential Election ahead, Bush puts his attentions on finishing his diplomatic fiat regarding the Israeli problem.  Despite a long record of the link between American-Israeli relations and it’s correlation with economic prosperity or downfall, the United States pushes forward on this foolish plan of dividing Israel.   The price is too high.

1.  October 14th, 2007                      A Foul Wind Blows

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice travels to Israel to inform and invite Israelis and Palestinians to the upcoming Annapolis Talks.  The purpose of Annapolis is to finalize and foster this policy including the division of Jerusalem.

Consequence:                    October 19th   California:  The Santa Anna winds blow reaching hurricane force; Massive brush fires are triggered; 320,000 homes are evacuated (the largest evacuation in the state’s history);  500,000 acres are destroyed, thousands of homes and businesses are burnt;  over one billion dollars in damage.

October 24th      President Bush declares much of Southern California a disaster area.

2.        November 27-28th, 2007       The Perfect Storm

At the Annapolis conference President Bush declares the end of 2008 as the deadline for the creation of a Palestinian state that is connected, with East Jerusalem as it’s capital.

Consequence:                    November 29th Stock market falls 1400 points from October high; first ever time ever hurricane hits Washington and Oregon coasts;  called a 500 year event; biggest rainfall amount in recorded history; 147 mph winds contribute to landslides, flooding and massive loss of property.

3.        January 9-16th, 2008              Aftermath


President Bush travels to Israel and Middle East to push Annapolis agenda.   He starts of the new year, his last year as President, reinforcing the 2008 deadline for a Palestinian state.

Consequence:                    January 11th  Most powerful January storm ever produces 74 tornadoes from Alabama to Wisconsin.  Stock market falls 250 points a day for 4 days; a loss of 5%.  Bush declares an emergency 145 billion economic  stimulus package necessary.


4.       March 10th, 2008      Lesson NOT Learned

Vice President Cheney travels to Israel and the Middle East to follow up the Annapolis plan.   14th-Rice criticizes Israel for lack of progress.

                Consequence:                    March 14th  Bear Stearns collapses requiring a federal bailout. 

March 15th  Georgia storm and Atlanta tornado are the crescendo of storms across the south and Midwest that require Bush to declare large sections as disaster areas.

5.        June 3-6th, 2008        Full Court Press


Secretary Rice speaks to Jewish group promoting the Annapolis plan.  She announces that she will be going to Israel on the 14-16th to further push Annapolis.  On the 4th, President Bush meets with Israeli leader Ohlmert in the White House to discuss the division of Jerusalem.

Consequence:                    June 6thStock market plunges 600 points; Oil surges to record high; Dollar falls to record low; housing falls 16%.

June 7th-Midwest floods; called ‘Iowa’s Katrina’; Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Des Moines under water;  Millions of acres of crops, livestock destroyed to cost of 20 billion dollars; Bush declares disaster areas in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Minnesota and Nebraska.


6.        August 18th, 2008    Two Minute Warning

Rice announces yet another trip to Israel to ensure the 2008 mandated deadline for a Palestinian state.  On the 25th, she meets with Abbas and on TV and states “this is the most intensive discussion since at least Camp David.”

Consequence:                    August 18th– Tropical Storm Fay hits Key West, Florida; crosses state 4X; moves on to Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana; 35 dead; Bush declares Florida a disaster area.

August 25th– Tropical Storm Gustav in Caribbean Sea;  New Orleans evacuated for 2nd time since 2005; hit on 29th.

7.        September 11th, 2008             Disaster Strikes


US Consul General to Israel Jake Welles speaks to press in Israel about the commitment to Annapolis plan including division of Jerusalem by the end of 2008.  Bush, McCain and Obama memorialize the Twin Tower tragedy on ground Zero.

Consequence:                    September 11-12th Hurricane Ike hits Houston, Texas destroying Galveston; nearly 50 billion in damages; no electricity for millions for a week; worst natural disaster in state’s history.

                                                September 13-14th-Lehman Brothers goes bankrupt to the tune of 613 billion dollars; greatest bank failure in US or world history; solidifies credit crises freeze up and stock market melt down;  Bush calls for another emergency 700 billion dollar bailout.

September 25th-Bush meets with Mahmoud Abbas in the White house at 1 pm to discuss dividing Jerusalem followed by a meeting with McCain and Obama at 4pm to discuss the necessity of the bailout.  These meetings are only 3 hours apart!

September 29thRosh Hashanah-Stocks fall 777 points!

October 9thYom Kippur- Stocks fall 679 points!

October 15thFeast of Tabernacles- Stocks fall 737 points!

During the ’10 days of Awe’ World markets collapse; Stocks lose a combined 2400 points; American economy shrinks 22% or 8.1 trillion dollars.  This solidifies an Obama victory and a Democratic landslide in the congress.  Bush calls for the G20 to meet in the White House to discuss a new global economic system or “new world order.”

In light of the December incursion into the Gaza Strip by Israeli Defense Forces, the Annapolis plan and the 2008 deadline seem to be a failed measure.  The cost for Americans has been high.  That the Obama administration will reverse course seems too high a hope.   For Bible advocates there is a “road map to peace” we can believe in: “Looking for that blessed hope and that glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ.”  (Titus 2:15)

President Bush’s National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley said this in his January 7th, 2009 farewell speech,

“President Bush has led our Nation during a time of great consequence. Few presidents have faced more challenges. But when the history books are written, they will tell the story of a man who never wavered from his principles … who kept our Nation safe … and who helped spread the blessings of liberty to millions around the world. “

The prophet Obadiah said this in chapter 1 and verse 15, “For the day of the LORD is near upon all the heathen:  as thou hast done, it shall be done unto thee:  thy reward shall return upon thine own head.”

For further reading on this subject see “As America Has Done To Israel” by John P. McTernan.

You can purchase John McTernan on Amazon.