And the Oscar Goes to …

Media. Media. Everywhere there is some media production entertaining us, informing us, or persuading us.  With digital media outlets broadcasting directly to our smartphones, we are walking, talking miniature theaters.  Constant viewing is mind-numbing with little redeeming value.  Most of what is being produced is from a nihilistic point of view, and even positive perspectives are without a Biblical perspective on life or death.  Hope, when it is portrayed or offered is fickle and temporary on the majority of media menus.  There should be an Oscar category for the film that offers the most reliable hope to a person, a true account of mortality and of immortality.  The most important film of 2018 is now available free on youtube.  It is entitled “Eternal or Not” by filmmaker Matt Powell.

Please watch this video.  Please like and share on Facebook and Youtube.  Email your friends and family with this impressive film on the reality of life, death, and eternality.  This unique sharing of the gospel may be the best thing anyone watches this year.  It may be the best chance of hearing the truth a person will ever have.

Matt interviews and compares different religions and denominational perspectives on how a person can be sure about their eternal destination and sure of keeping this greatest of prizes.  Scripture is plainly given, and precise explanations can be heard regarding salvation by faith in Jesus Christ.  In addition, error is keenly exposed out of the very mouths of those offering religion but without eternal assurance.

Finally, a film with everlasting impact.