by Dr. Douglas Levesque

How a New World Order has Emerged in Just Ninety Days

Kingdoms come and go, but global political-economic orders don’t just flip overnight, or do they?

The United States and indeed the whole world has just encountered a phenomenon that is greater than all of our combined technologies.  A biological pandemic and the resultant response have together met in an explosion that even Hollywood disaster movies could not predict.  As the dust settles, we see that a new normal has seized the globe in just three short months. We imagine some sort of deep state cabal, or even an Illuminati conspiracy may have just taken place, but this event and the new format of living that has emerged is beyond nation-state actors or Masonic alliances. No human league is this good, or this proficient at simultaneously grabbing the hearts and minds of every being on the planet, compelling them to use the same vocabulary, [social distancing, digital certificate, digital currency, etc.,] fear the same invisible enemy, look to the same technocratic messiahs, or reach for the same handout-bailout hopes. This overnight phenomenon is the result of both a wrestling and a working of God and of angels, good and evil, toward the endgame of an eternal plan for mankind. 

The number one sign of the times is of spiritual deception.  A pseudo-Christianity that conforms to a new societal requirement of message and function is here.  Whether, a quieting of true rhetoric through politically correctness, or formulating an acceptable tone by Facebook content policy, the gospel message is being transformed into a universal fatherhood of god and a general love expectation to all and by all.  This is obviously contrary to the narrow truth of the universal sinfulness of man and the necessity to cry out by faith to Jesus Christ as Savior. Virus fears push quarantine edicts that threaten true assemblies from meeting anywhere but the internet. Imagine when the web is controlled and access becomes limited.  What should the church do then? Many pundits have already bought into the spiritual deception of an electronic church that does not require physical attendance. How then do we baptize, practice the Lord’s Supper, or corporately sing in worship? A new unscriptural hybrid of global spirituality is being birthed before our eyes.

Of course, earth signs like earthquakes, floods, and pestilences seem to be increasing and overlapping with increased regularity. “Climate change” is simply an attempt to alter human governance to meet the sure coming of such God predicted calamities, yea, the new rules of green politics are imposing a new religion that seeks to make humanity it’s own savior.  The new morality of “social distancing” will soon evolve into a “digital certificate” of necessary health precautions mandated to work, travel or assemble. If the possibility of infections spread on paper currency puts limits on the use or acceptance of cash, then only a “digital currency” will be received as a medium of exchange. This too will invite technology to be our savior and digital “marks” to be our mammon.  All of this talk is being forced upon us by the New Corona or New Crown threat. Either you will be marked as with a scarlet “A” and be outcast as being a threat to public health and safety, a practical enemy of society, or you will be tested, inoculated, certified and marked as being under another invisible “crown”. Fraternizing with this enemy will have dire consequences. This scenario is being set up as the “new normal” and with marked global acceptance.  Who will resist this, especially if government payouts are linked to feeding yourself and your family? Universal Basic Income has been thrust upon us without an election and in just ninety days.

The panic that has brought about such rapid change is the real threat.  Fearing anything but God leads to foolish reactions and then tyrannical oppression.  This is unprecedented in its scope and worldwide instant messaging. It is unwarranted in its math and does not make sense in its newfound propositions. Never have so many laid down so much freedom in so little time. Never have such large swathes of population been subject to so few personalities.  Trump, Xi, Putin, and Modi are as the four horsemen empowered over great percentages of humanity. A new global order is emerging. A new vocabulary constitutes that we are all Babel like with one language.  A new medium of exchange is on the threshold with digital currency being deemed safest. A new elevated posture in society is being created by the digital certificate of the techno haves versus the degraded lives of the techno have-nots.  This new world order does more than just force us to adapt or grow with the times. It requires that we begin to accept the Antichristian proposition that man is his own savior. When the devil feels that he has God’s throne within reach he will seek to annihilate his human partners with fierceness. The second coming of Jesus Christ is a rescue of planet earth and reboot of His ultimate plan for man.  The wrath that comes with him will be for those that have joined this unholy union, and ungodly alliance. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

World orders can change overnight.