Socialism is having a field day. President Obama promised to fundamentally change America. After seven years of radically implementing socialist policy and culture under the guise of freedom and democracy, socialism has overrun the democratic party. Wholesale socialist rhetoric right out of the Marxist playbook is being heralded from election platforms as if it were a perfectly natural fit with the American Constitution. Young voters seem particularly mesmerized, as if they are encountering some new ideal. Senator Bernie Sanders may be almost done with his campaign, but his socialism is alive and well. Hillary Clinton’s softer sounding socialism is about to run for President, lengthening and deepening the socialist entrenchment in American society. America is in love with socialism. The socialist heart is crooning it’s love song . . . again. New music, same lyrics. They are promises without a shadow of intent or ability to deliver utopia. Here is a true glimpse at the socialist’s heart.


The Affordable Care Act, dubbed Obamacare, is a very bad rendition of this socialist dream. Universal healthcare is not a right, even in this unaffordable, uncaring and untenable form. It is a tax at best, and a mafia inspired protection fee at worst. It supposes that those that are unhealthy will all of a sudden become well, and that those that are without healthcare, for whatever reason, will miraculously find A plus access to quality doctors, treatments and hospitals. While the healthcare industry will always have flaws, namely people get old, sick and die with or without it, costs could be kept low by competition and insurance reform, not by handing it over to government bureaucrats. The socialist heart imagines this fiasco again and again, but where is there an example of it really working? A self-regulating, competitive and accountable system is the only way to avoid the pitfalls of hospitals turning into horse barns, rationing out horse pills, and deciding when to send losing scenarios to the glue factory. Doctors should be ashamed to participate and refuse to do so.


Pre-school “head start” childcare feeding programs, K4 through 12th grade political correctness indoctrination curriculum, and even free community college delinquent prevention pens, have done little to improve real learning or test scores for over 40 years now. More money is constantly called for to transport, feed, provide birth control, and socially engineer a “my rights” generation. While a free and public education was imagined by our forefathers, they could not have envisioned a cradle to the grave state child raising factory. Placing an expectation of a student loan right, and then backing it up with a loan forgiveness program seems counter intuitive. Socialist hearts continue to believe the mantra of education as if it were a religious tenet. And perhaps it is their faith. Faith in the right of the state to supersede the parent, to breed unholy imaginations in evolutionary hope, to defend vulgarities as free speech, and to prepare the future generations for their socialist saviors. It has been done and it has failed. Public teacher’s unions are poor disguises for self-interested, apathetic so called educators. Real teachers should revolt en masse.


Hotels give out amenities. Of course, they are built in to the cost of your stay. Socialist hearts love amenities. They call it welfare, but make no mistake, it is not free to society. Someone is paying for the public housing, the food stamps, the health clinics and legal services. The government taxes working people in order to supply lazy freeloaders. Socialism likes to think of it as amenities, but the shampoo they are offering is not theirs. It is yours. Taken off your shelf like clockwork, month after month, year after year. It is actually more like a self-designed and self-inflicted refugee crisis. House them, feed them, ad infinitum. The cruelty is that, by this socialist bleeding heart system, the have’s get constantly reduced, and the have not’s never get ahead. Only those that provide the amenity seem to get ahead by the virtue of control, but soon the shelves are empty for everybody, including themselves. Socialist hearts are in love with poverty not wealth. Real welfare lifts the poor to new heights. It doesn’t redefine poverty as easy. If everything is a right, then nothing is a right. Rights are just amenities. Amenities are for the taking. Politicians lead real reform, quit offering somebody else’s farm as a giveaway.


Work until you can’t, not until you are just old enough to be socially secure. Ask anyone, or everyone, “Is social security enough?” Universal answer, “Not a chance.” Yet this socialist hearts fantasy has put all of America on the road to retirement. We are there as a society. Retired. Elect Bernie or don’t. Either way he will receive a retirement for life, given to socialist senators. And he has earned it. He will get his fair share, although it will be a different fair share than everybody else. Sound familiar? Capitalism says work hard, save, own, invest, share by goodwill, reap your own reward. Socialism says open your mouth like a chick in a nest until you can work or not, then take every social welfare check you are entitled too until you retire. Then, in retired bliss, receive government healthcare and social security money until you die. Thanks for playing. The socialist heart kills the love of American dreams. Own your home, pick your doctor, provide well for yourself and your progeny, share with satisfaction with goodwill to whom you will, be ensured your spouse will be taken well taken care of. Don’t retire. Retread, resolve, recapture, rejoice with a free heart, not a socialist one. Believe in and practice a work ethic. It rewards itself.


Sounds good. Tahiti, Alaska, Europe . . .no. We are talking about adjusted price busing, and public transit. Socialism wants centrally planned economies, centered around big city centers, and controlled movement. Millions of Americans will never know the feeling of traveling the open road, over mountains and to the beach, because their subway doesn’t go there. The buses get them to slave wage jobs, and perhaps to the mall, but it is not a free trip. The family with the minivan is also paying for the public transit system. The socialist heart screams freedom of movement, yet cannot get five miles outside of town, and less than that when buses are not running. It is not travel, it is prison. Controlled movement. Lock-down, and operating hours. Socialism always breaks down and so does public transit. Bernie and Hillary love the travel message but make their own way with their own vehicles. Keep making utopian poetry out of lies and eventually you will be made to eat those lies and choke on the poetry . . .while walking.

A Deceitful H.E.A.R.T.

Free healthcare, education, amenities, retirement, and travel for life. That is the socialist heart and mantra. It promises from a man, or woman, what is Godlike, and that is devilish. That is the democrat’s political platform. Elect me and I will take care of you! I want to be your national sugar daddy. Just play along. It is better than working. Oh, and since it is my bleeding heart that will make this change for you, I am entitled to just a little bit more than you. Complain, and you might lose your privileges. Rise up, and lose the favor of my heart toward you. That is the socialist promise. She is a fickle lover. More a harlot than a friend. Republicans have succumbed to this she devil, and no longer rail against her. They have fallen in love with her lying heart themselves and secretly defend her. Our next presidents heart ought to be found out before he gets our vote. Our own hearts are being put to the test this election.

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.” -Jeremiah 17:9-10

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