Commentary by Dr. Douglas F. Levesque, Founder of The Levesque Institute

I am often dismayed at the lack of public outcry and denouncement of evil by common folk. Such lamenting should not be reserved for courts and media alone. While liberals scream, “Save the whales!”, they often remain strangely silent on the useless and cold-blooded murder of yet to be born children. Conservatives are often the first to shout, “Off with his head!” before a fair hearing is complete. I am staunchly conservative and against abortion in any form, yet I am also against pre-meditated vengeful murder in any form. Murder is wrong! Killing of our fellow man should make us shudder. I will not be hypocritical in my silence or in my public denunciations. Abortion is murder! Also . . .

The murder of Dr. Tiller was wrong.

It is hard for most of America to “feel bad” for such a character. I admit my heart does not ache for Dr. Tiller the way it breaks for the victims of abortion. (In fact, I have had to actually work up any sorrow for him at all.) However, our sense of right and wrong must remain in tact. We must not become the monsters we oppose by delineating between the murder of a middle aged doctor, and an unseen infant. And yet, we must remain confident in the ways and means of God to dispense judgment.

The judgment of Dr. Tiller was complete.

While murder and judgment seem to go together, they are two different things. The ‘Tiller Killer’ will receive justice through courts and laws. Such enforcement is ordained in Scripture. But what of justice for the countless humans killed at the point of their own birth? Such a cold blooded killer for hire cannot and will not escape the just hand of God – in this life or the next. Allowing a long cruel bout with a debilitating disease, frustrating and sickening treatments, and dying a thousand painful deaths while losing all fortune and family would have been my choice for such a man. Then again, I am not God, and he did not die that way.

The repentance and reformation of Dr. Tiller would have been more desirable.

Dr. Tiller died in a few horror filled moments, after a reasonably long and experienced life – something he denied his own victims. What if he would have practiced a different form of medicine? Would his end have been different? We will never know. God reformed certain killers, like Moses or Paul, but the grace of God seemed absent from Dr. Tiller’s life. And now I imagine an eternity of torment in the hottest flames of hell for such a tyrant. Like Pharaoh, Nero, and Hitler, Tiller will forever be a bad guy, numbered among baby killers. His opportunity to change, to do right, to be saved, is over. Cold blooded, premeditated murder is wrong and will always be judged.

The legacy of Dr. Tiller will forever be bloody and despicable.

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” -Prophet Isaiah (5:20)